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Below are items from our stock list

P5310450A lustrous bowl decorated Aquatic pattern
Price: £160

P5160441A very rare Mug decorated with Geisha on scarlet ground
Price: £SOLD

P5160430A very pretty Coffee Can & Saucer decorated Prunus pattern
Price: £SOLD

P3130347A beautiful bowl decorated with Hong Kong pattern
Price: £245

P3130346A wonderful plaque decorated Aquatic pattern
Price: £260

P2240278aA beautiful Chelsea bowl decorated Chinese Lanterns
Price: £185

P3130357A superb Ginger Jar decorated Aquatic pattern.
Price: £325

P3130354A very pretty pair of bowls decorated Peony Rose
Price: £60

P3069699A wonderful box decorated Chinese House
Price: £240

photograph frameA very rare example of the Brittanic Photograph Frame.
Price: £825

lge stanley bowl dragonA very large Stanley bowl decorated with Dragons
Price: £295

P8228812An extremely rare Menu Card dated 1898

Price: £SOLD