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Trumpet vase Dragonfly Border aA stunning vase decorated Dragonfly Border
Price: £275

plaque dovecote greenA superb plaque decorated with Dovecote pattern
Price: £295

Trumpet vase Pansy Butterflies bA beautiful vase decorated with Pansy pattern on blue ground
Price: £150

P8228818A Bristol shape vase decotaed Dragon and Peony

Price: £265 NEW PRICE £240

P8228821A stunning trumpet vase in Kingfisher pattern

Price: £SOLD

Conical vase Daisy greenA beautiful vase decorated with Daisy pattern on green ground & heavy gilding. This item is in very good condition & measures 6 1/2" high & 5" diameter
Price: £SOLD

P4248627A superb Chelsea bowl Anenome blue

Price: £220 NEW PRICE £175

P4248634A beautiful Ginger Jar Peony pattern

Price: £220

P4248632A stunning plaque Anenome blue

Price: £SOLD

Biscuit Barrel Garland pinkA very pretty Biscuit Barel decorated with Garland pattern on pink ground
Price: £SOLD

Pair small baskets SpringtimeA pair of small baskets decorated with Springtime pattern one on green ground & the other on pink.
Price: £SOLD

Caddy CathedralsA Tea Caddy made for Ringtons Tea Merchants decorated with northern Cathedrals, manufactured 1930's. This item is in very good clean condition
Price: £SOLD